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Young Adults

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About Us

The mission of the Young Adult Ministry at Northland is to know Christ, to make Him known, and to help others do the same. Our vision is to be a ministry where every young adult is known and accepted, taught about Jesus, and challenged to grow. We seek to accomplish this mission and vision by structuring the ministry around a "4B Discipleship Path" (see below). The 4B Discipleship Path points young adults to God's Word and to connect to the intergenerational church community.

Not a Church Within a Church

The young adult ministry is not a church or a church within a church; it is a front door to the church. Therefore, it's our goal to constantly shepherd young adults towards an intergenerational discipleship path that allows them to grow in their faith in the context of the broader church. When it comes to environments for spiritual growth, circles are better than rows. This is why connecting young adults to intergenerational LifeGroups are a priority in the young adult ministry.

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LifeGroup leaders at Northland are led by the Pastor of Discipleship to leverage their groups as the primary engine for discipleship in the context of authentic community. For young adults looking for an application beyond Sunday morning services and The Gathering, intergenerational LifeGroups exist to connect us to God’s Word and His community. By placing an emphasis on plugging young adults into the greater church community, we set ourselves up to develop healthy and mature relationships with all ages.

4B Discipleship Path


  • To a community of young adult friends

  • To a community of intergenerational believers


  • In the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • That a relationship with God is cultivated through bible reading and prayer


  • In Bible literacy relevant to the young adult life stage

  • In personal discipleship with wiser believers


  • In regular service to the church

  • In personal discipleship with less experienced believers

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